Book Review and Methods of Learning [Economix]

The above book was written by Michael Goodwin and was published in 2012. After reading several ‘Introducing Books’, I thought this book was worth a go. I must give it praise after completing the book yesterday. To the point and with much clarity, the world of pictures and words can bring ideas across including the fractional reserve ratio for instance.

Unlike your typically economics text, this volume goes back to the roots of political economy of which modern day economics is a subset. What is also good is that it begins its analysis deep from early modern Europe. The end result is real life economics with interesting snippets like how container ships from the 1950s changed international trade.

What I would like to add though is clarification. The US trade deficit with Japan is overestimated. I was informed as such by Roy E. Allen (Financial Crises and Recession in the Global Economy, 2nd Edition). The manufacturing of Toyota cars in the US from the 1980s could not have significantly added to the deficit unless one assumes that all raw materials were imported.

The link to Goodwin’s book is as below. It likewise offers some resources for use. Do visit!

If you are interested in using the visual style of learning, do visit also


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