Primary Sources

I have come to view primary sources more favourably. After all it came from the horse’s mouth. This washes away the interpretation by others.

Karl Popper, George Soro’s lecturer at the London School of Economics, gave me some interesting insights into 20th century communism. He had joined the Communist Party in Austria for a very short period around 1919. From his recorded interview, he recounted that Moscow’s direction was quite simply to be obeyed. This form of influence was evident even in the French and Italian Communist parties until the 1940s at least. This in some sense enables us to understand why the West (French, British and Americans) were so fearful of exported revolution especially in view of the Russian Revolution and slogan to unite the workers of the world.

The past as someone said was indeed a different country…

See Karl Popper interviewed by Giancarlo Bosetti: The Lesson of this Century with two talks on freedom and the democratic state (Translated by Patrick Camiller). 1997. London. Routledge.


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