Social Studies: Case Study – Northern Ireland

I guess I first read about the Irish Troubles from Ian Rankin’s novels on Inspector Rebus. He was a Scottish police office who previously served in the Paras (I think Paramilitary or Parachute Regiment) during the period of civil unrest. Works on the topic (to the extent of my research) is rather limited. Below are three: (shortest from the University of Texas at Austin) (visually the most entertaining) (possibly the most comprehensive for its length) (there has been a past year question set on military involvement in the earlier O Level Social Studies syllabus)

The final 2 are timelines. They are important in that they provide reference points for actions taken; and because I have come to rely on the phrase ‘Action speaks louder than words.’ These actions would for example prove (with greater accuracy) what were the intentions of the participants and also allow us to ascertain the spillover effects, however unintended they may have been…



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