Reading: A Primer

Reading has turned out to be a deceptively difficult skill. Of course, this realisation came upon several years of experience. Students simply not reading assigned articles for example.

I was intellectually knocked off my chair when I read the words of Thomas S. C. Farrell (2009. Teaching Reading to English Language Learners: A Reflective Guide. Corwin Press.) He stated that asking students to

1. prepare summaries

2. define specific words (probably new to the learners) and make sentences using the words

3. answer comprehension questions

are actually tests of reading and not teaching or educating students on how to read!

In some senses, a revised approach to reading would help it become more useful to the learner. Eventually, I hope reading can become an absolute joy; there have been (and still are) so many beautiful, artistic, poetic, wise sentences waiting to be explored and discussed!


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