[Review] Virginia Woolf – Short Stories ‘Monday or Tuesday’

Had I not done history, I may well have read literature.

But that is all ancient history.

Challenging myself but paradoxically being conservative, I picked the above collection of short stories. Well, story in the conventional sense may not fit here. The stories here are as brief as 2 pages of (smaller than I think)  A5 sized paper.

Her writings, brought me out to a new understanding. This time, I truly experienced what literature students describe as ‘streams of consciousness’. It is rightly described by others as an ‘internal monologue’ or ‘soliloquy’. For some it can be jarring. For others, it is a chance to enter to world of a character’s thoughts. Particularly in the story(?) ‘Blue & Green’, the first of the two paragraphs (on a mere single page) is punctuated, among other marks, by 12 semi-colons and 3 dashes. It was as though, the audience became the synapse between the neurons in the brain – simply taking in information at furious pace. You could also say it is similar to telegraphese.

In ‘Monday or Tuesday’, one wonders if the subject or protagonist was the heron since the story began and ended with the animal. Yet, concomitantly, one may have gotten a visceral(?) or visual sense of what the first two days of the week are like.

Undeniably unique if I may hereby say…

With that I end my adventure… and I doubt I would tread into James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’.





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