Occupational Choices

Why do we do what we do?

According to G.H. Hardy, there are only 2 reasons. We do so because we have the talent to do that one particular thing. The other, opining that few people can indeed do anything extremely well, one would simply take whatever life gives them. Basically, the job or occupation fell into my lap or something along those lines. Eventually, though, as I would argue, by practice and perhaps revelation, one could then become better in the job that fell into their laps.

Of course there are other factors that why one chooses a certain occupation (or organisation). A good work-life balance; high pay; structured and routine tasks; collegial and loving work environment; an honest and decent living: these are but a smattering of factors. Knowing these factors could help reduce the unnecessary areas during a job search. The conviction that you acquire in this soul searching would form a major foundation for your ‘live’ job interview. As I recall, telling the truth is most convincing after all…


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