[Review] The man who quit money – The English

Mark Sundeen. (2012). The man who quit money. New York. Riverhead Books. (I finished the entire book; quite readable. The beginning and concluding chapters form critiques of the US monetary system and modern life to some degree. Sandwiched in between is a back and forth chronicling Daniel Suelo’s life – the man who lived without cash or credit. Sudeen knows Suelo personally).

There are only 3 copies of this book owned by the National Library Board, Singapore. (To digress, Happy 20th Birthday NLB!) Since I saw it at Jurong East, it did not leave my mind.  The copy on my computer table now is from Woodlands (another Regional Library).

However, for this post, allow me to simply focus on the prose from Sundeen (and editor I believe). Again, some of the paragraphing and style makes me thump my fists in joy!

If you turn to page 22, you have the paragraph beginning with ‘Near the trailhead, he hides his bike…’  It proceeds to describe how Suelo recycles formerly utilised tyres and ensures a workable bicycle with  help from a volunteer led bicycle outfit; and the punch comes with:

‘He doesn’t own a lock.’

Such a final sentence was like an left hook in the boxing ring.


Should you want to find out more, do see/read:

Mark Sundeen. (6 Sep 2012). Meet the man who quit money (Book excerpt). http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/books-and-media/meet-the-man-who-quit-money/article552609/. Toronto. The Globe and Mail.

BBC. (19 Apr 2012). The American who quit money to live in a cave. (with video). http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-17762033.

Suelo’s blog: http://zerocurrency.blogspot.sg/.


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