[Random] The New York Times International Weekly – 6 June 2015

Well, will tapping in some information/reflection for future use.

Education – In school, but Not learning: News analysis (Eduardo Porter)

Education is seen as a great social equaliser. In theory, people go in and come out with the papers (certifications) to get a good job. This would pull them out of the poverty cycle. (Unfortunately though, one has to admit that lifetime employment in the same company is no longer the norm…)

Yet in OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) PISA assessments (2012), more than half (54%) of Mexican students did not achieve competence required ‘for participating productively in modern economies.’ Mexico is not alone, with 24% of American students having similar results.  In fact, through a spot check, 27% of teachers were missing from school (public schools – total sample unknown).

Basically, the Porter highlights the trend of quantity over quality.

Investment/Finance – Religions Push to Align Investments with Faith (Vinod Sreeharsha)

A short one that lists some Socially Responsible Investing avenues (Oblate International Pastoral Investment Trust excludes investing in handgun manufacturers for instance). These include:

First (investment firm)

Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes

Ascension Investment Management


Read on!

Related Reference [Interesting to compare between domestic and international versions]:

Vinod Sreeharsha. (21 May 2015). Catholic Trust Looks to Brazilian Fund for Social Returns. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/22/business/dealbook/catholic-trust-looks-to-brazilian-fund-for-social-returns.html?_r=0. The New York Times.


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