[Review] 黄金正循环 : 好轻松! 胆固醇真的降了. (2011).台湾 : 朵琳出版. Original author: Yasushi Hayashi

It is a very positive book on cholesterol management (and life); rather comprehensive too. The book refers among other things to the need for regular meal times and not overeating i.e. listen to your body.

Apart from exercise, it even talks of Du Zhong (杜仲 or Eucommia Bark), sea kelp, or brown rice (which unfortunately is harder to digest) in moderating/curbing cholesterol and triglycerides. Soluble fibre from fruits for instance also help. (p.68).

Other foods with more direct impact include, tomatoes (seems to be better cooked); onions; cabbage; broccoli. Celery has more indirect impact. The polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats from nuts like almonds has the effect of decreasing LDL and increasing HDL. (See also input from Mayoclinic on fats). One has to monitor the energy influx from the nuts though.

Vegetables amounts should be twice of meat intake. If this is the case, it would  likely amplify the reduction effects through sterols and stanols. (Refer to article from Cleveland Clinic). On a related note, if the daily recommended calorie intake is 1600, dinner should take up 604 and the rest divided equally.

With regards to control, one should take less than 500 ml or beer or 220 ml or red wine daily.

From the upstream perspective, one cause of stress is extreme stress…(p.33). So by implication, relaxing is important.

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