Evidence as above.

The truth.

Perhaps that is the thing that is most needed but all too often neglected or ignored.

In early February, I caught the movie entitled ‘Concussion’ which starred Will Smith playing a Nigerian immigrant pathologist (Bennet Omalu).

Omalu’s piercing discoveries, supported by his boss, and other doctors/neurologists led to a shaken National Football League (NFL) management (American football). At the heart, the association denied or severely played down the claims of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (or CTE, caused by repeated concussions felt by players in the rough and tumble of the game); and the players’ long suffering medical trauma after the retirement.

In the movie, of which much seems greatly dramatised and exaggerated, Smith was forced out of his job and had his first child lost to miscarriage. The irony was that he was ‘so bloody American’ remarked his boss after a press announcement to counter medical statements by the NFL against his claims.

From the script, Smith’s words reflected an other worldly perspective (for lack of a better phrase). He was aware that the world and the established forces were willing and able to reject his findings. But he also told the doctor on the side of the NFL that history would one day vilify or condemn them.

One day, the truth will all come out…

[Sidenote: You may also wish to see the US films – ‘Spotlight’ (2015) and ‘The Big Short’ (2015) that reveal truths in other dark aspects of society.]


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