A sporting life – that didn’t

People have asked me why I did not venture into professional football (in the US it is termed soccer since there is NFL: National Football League, another sport altogether).

I believe I was not ready. I was overweight, and more importantly not as hungry. (Nevermind that I could pass and tackle, and scream my head off). Consider those who live in the slums of South America or the mires in much of Africa; those immigrant players now in Europe who feed entire families back in their homelands – those are the ones who stood a better chance of succeeding.

Closer to home, we can look at professional golfer Koh Sock Hwee, bronze medallist in the 28th Southeast Asian games. She took the leap when she was 26. This was what Spencer Robinson wrote of her:

In order to fund her visit to last year’s LPGA Qualifying School in California, Koh tutored maths for long hours and took on other part-time jobs.

Kee Bee Khim’s example puts Koh’s experience in sharp relief. According to Robinson, Kee may have well become LPGA champion between the seventies and nineties. Instead, she chose to stay a ‘career amateur’ and became a remisier. In another illustration, the Devonport Flagstaff of New Zealand, one photographer recalled how football became ‘serious’ when the coaches/staff began shouting at him from the sidelines.

I am just glad that if I make an error, my team will not fail to qualify for the World Cup or get relegated.


Spencer Robinson. (5-6 Mar 2016). Pros and Cons. The Business Times Weekend. Singapore. Singapore Press Holdings.


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