[Dividends] -The Forbes CFA Institute…

Timeless Principles for Building Wealth. (2011). Hoboken. John Wiley & Sons.

Authors: Vahan Janjigian, Stephen M. Horan, Charles Trzcinka.

Points to note

  • Duration of dividend without disruption.
  • How much dividend was handed out during downturns?
  • Have dividends increased, decreased or plateaued?
  • The dividend yield (dividend divided by stock price) in comparison other investment alternatives.
  • Payment ratio out of the total ‘earnings’ (does this mean the top line i.e. total revenue?); and if it can last.

Should one be able to combine this (and all other relevant knowledge on dividend investing) with the selection of a socially responsible and viable company, perhaps it can truly form a long term source of income…


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