Investigation – the act of

A few years back, there was this survey about job satisfaction. Teachers came in relatively high whereas compliance professionals ranked rather lowly.

It is quite reflective I suppose. Being in compliance is like being ‘everyone’s enemy’ so said a friend (then from banking). Of the people I have spoken to outside of the job specialisation, only a female homemaker declared her support for stringent anti-money laundering measures. In that regard, she probably has more moral courage than many of us.

I myself am not in the role.

But what I produce here, I hope that it would encourage. A guilty party be it the perpetrator of a Ponzi scam or thief (or whatever other areas like the person who sexually harasses people at the workplace) may sometimes behave aggressively when investigated or confronted. This is based on my trainer’s investigating experience (the diploma in Anti-Money Laundering) and my own experience when I confronted someone upon his offence.

Take heart and push on — because it is all a facade. The person at that moment is putting in one last desperate stand; the act and the whole charade would fall like a house of cards when the evidence is presented.

At times, to reach what is right, we simply have to do what we have to…


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