[Bio] Thomas Enders – Airbus Group CEO

Gleaned from:

– Nisha Ramchandani. (5-6 Mar 2016). The Business Times Weekend. Singapore. Singapore Press Holdings. p. 8-9.
– Bloomberg. (2016). Executive Profile: Thomas Enders. http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=8154802&privcapId=561001.

[The life history of Enders in Ramchandani’s article is broadly verified by Bloomberg. This includes the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO’s) interest in flying.]

I could not let slip an entry on Enders. Was it his military background? His interest in biographies (like British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli) or history and their resultant leadership lessons? Or that he, as CEO, still manages to jog; chop wood; fly – and finally sleep well (albeit briefly) at night?

Well, I think, it is the 2015 statistics: the 1080 orders for Airbus commercial aircraft while Boeing received almost 770 orders. Yet, Boeing was able to supply more at 762 planes in contrast to Airbus’ 635 jets. For 2016, Airbus is aiming at greater than 650 planes as opposed to significantly reduced capacity from Boeing (up to 22% – a major drop!) At the time of the interview, Airbus owed its customers in excess of 6800 planes. (Wow again! Do we as a world truly need so many flying transports?)

All these remind me of my economics lessons in Junior College.  :  )




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