Sapporo Lion Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Just as the United States reintegrated (then) West Germany, the US also rejuvenated Japan. This was to have a bulwark on both sides of the world during the Cold War, arguably.

For that they metamorphosised the Zaibatsu into Keiretsu. Japan as you may have read elsewhere, became the second largest economy in the second half of the twentieth century. I think I see altered shades of this here with the above mentioned group. They consist of the Ginza Lion Beer Hall; Tonkichi restaurants; and the Rive Gauche Patisseries. No banks, no insurance, heavy industries; or trading companies though. So in this sense, they are more in the western mould…

May study in the future the advantages of adopting this group approach… Perhaps bulk buying discounts and lower interest rates on loans?


Thayer Watkins. (no date). The Keiretsu of Japan. San José State University.

[For comparison] RE&S group. (2015). Company. Singapore.


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