Airline safety


In the world of news, national boundaries have become next to meaningless…(and the pace of life is simply incredible.)

One Singapore Airlines plane (SQ 368) returned to Changi Airport at 650am this morning and its right wing exploded into flames. (It is great news that everyone was safe!) Channelnews Asia put up the first report at 803am. The United Kingdom’s Guardian posted its corresponding article on 27 June 143 BST (? British Standard Time) based on information from Channelnews Asia and The Straits Times.

Last year in November, there was a bomb scare on a Singapore airline flight to San Francisco, United States. (I particularly remember this as I saw it on the flight returning home.) In the same article (Singapore Airlines flight from U.S. faces bomb threat; Aircraft lands safely in Singapore on same day Turkish Airlines plane diverted to Halifax) by CBC/Radio-Canada, planes from Air France and Turkish Airlines were likewise affect by terrorist fears.

With the globalised nature of international terrorism and the proliferation of air travel, people have become more akin to global citizens, who are quite literally up in the air… The news crew aim to sell the news, while the terrorist investigators/security agencies and foreign ministries eagerly take it in to respond such as through travel advisories. This is indeed another market for intelligence gathering.


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