Joints and pain

At the behest of my knee, I ceased running at the high frequency of 4-5 times a week. Yes, it was in pain, particularly the right one. It did not help that I was right footed and played street soccer too.

I picked up <Running Injury-free> by Dr Joseph Ellis (2013). Rodale. New York.  Based on experience and observation (especially one extended episode of football on grass), there was indeed more acute pain under the kneecap. From what I read in the book, this seemed to be patellofemoral pain. I followed some suggested counsel.

  • Quarter squats (the knees were to ‘pass directly over the toes’ rather than ‘bending out’ (Ellis proposed doing this 10 times at one go; haven’t been doing this daily)
  • I stopped running routes that went down or at a negative incline; even walking down stairs
  • I began cross training (even though I hated going to the gym; I walked as warm up too, at least for 10 minutes)
  • Quadriceps/hamstring stretches with less force/pressure than I used to

I did some modifications of my own in addition. I changed the way I ran or jogged. I reduced my stride and tried to make sure that my knees passed over my toes. It was a slower speed; and took quite some diligence. So far, I did this once.

Pain has been less apparent.

Well, the bottom line for me is that life is not over when I run less…

I think I might need to do further research on solving/pre-empting the issue since the author did say that cartilage does not grow back…

Finally to all readers, do seek medically attention accordingly! All the best to those on the mend!


2 thoughts on “Joints and pain

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