Richard (Rick) Levin – CEO/Board member, Coursera

Article review: Amit Roy Choudhury. (13-14 Feb 2016). Bringing knowledge to the masses. Singapore. Business Times Weekend.

Some notes…

  • Levin opines that the contemporary 20-year-old would stream through 13 to 15 employment positions in life
  • Coursera, and other Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), ‘…will not replace the degree-granting universities.’
  • Some experiments suggest splitting a 50 minute lecture into eight parts with short assessments and questions. This raises student focus and their recollection (this is probably in contrast to what the lecturers at Oxford University did). The related benefit is that an educator can then make changes much quicker to portions that have not worked
  • Instructors need to look at the camera to increase a sense of connection with the student (would that not mean the ‘traditional class setting’?)
  • Coursera at that point shared profits equally with the partnering university that produced the course
  • Singapore has the highest per capita utilisation of their courses!
  • He supports peer grading in say 500 word essays (but would that not require an overall tutor to direct things?)

With that, I end.


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