US-Singapore Relations: Diplomacy – 2016

A snapshot of the TODAY (freesheet) on 4 Aug 2016. p.8. Exposition on the Joint Statement on Bilateral Cooperation.


Singapore would host the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative’s Urban Planning Workshop in 2017. (It is stated that the Initiative has connected in excess of 80,000 youths.)

Correspondingly, Singapore sets up a scholarship summer exchange programme to finance 100 Singaporean and American students (split equally) in the future 5 years.


With the Memorandum-of-Understanding, there would be built in intelligence sharing; benchmarking; and cooperation in reacting to cyber incidents.


Interesting points:

Page 6 showed a photo of actress Keri Russell and actor Matthew Rhys attending the State Dinner to host the Singapore delegation. Why were they there?

Mrs Michelle Obama actually supervised the State Dinner effort! (Wow)

Singapore is also the first Southeast Asian state to be provided with such a formal dinner (at least during Obama’s tenure?)


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