Think tanks/Research issues

Ideological bases

It is imperative to critically analyse papers and information from think tanks and research institutes.

For pieces from the Mises Institute (US , state of Alabama), take note of its bent against ‘…statism and toward a private property order.’

Similarly, the UK based Institute of Economic Affairs aimed to ‘explain free-market ideas to the public, including politicians, students, journalists, businessmen, academics and anyone interested in public policy.’ (Sourcewatch. Last modified 12 Jul 2016.)

Manipulated Research

Longwood University professor of Business, Dr George Banks, co-wrote ‘The Chrysalis Effect: How Ugly Data Metamorphosize Into Beautiful Articles’. The work highlighted

“questionable research practices” (QRPs)… adding, deleting or altering data after hypothesis testing, selectively deleting or adding variables, dropping unsupported hypotheses or adding post-hoc hypotheses, or reversing the direction or reframing hypotheses.

This was based on 142 publications on management and industrial psychology beginning from 2000. [The other contributors were Dr. Ernest O’Boyle, assistant professor of management (University of Iowa), and Erik Gonzalez-Mule, a Ph.D. candidate.]

Banks also stated that such problems occurred in medical and social science research, though the medical community was dealing with it more effectively.


(16 May 2013). Researchers sometimes manipulate data, says study by Longwood professor. Longwood University.

[Margaret Thatcher was likewise linked to the IEA whose raison d’être was to ‘promote economic liberalism.’] Meredith Veldman. (2016). Margaret Thatcher: Shaping the New Conservatism. New York. Oxford University Press. p.54.



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