Jobs, Jobs!

No, not Steve (of Apple) but employment.

If you are able to operate relatively efficient at night and love books, you might want to consider working in a bookstore like Kinokuniya/Popular or even the National Library Board. [No… I receive no commission…]

I am tapping on a few ideas here. Life (for a considerable number of us) would be a marathon. If we go by what Jim Rogers (the famed American financial investor) advised – one should work in a field of his/her interest; so even if one does not become rich, at least one is happy. He used the example of a gardener. The drudgery when one heads to work; to end up staring at the clock could drive one rather insane.

To back track, should you love books so much, I imagine that your enthusiasm would be sincerely magnetic to the customers and provide a wonderful experience no less.

Yet one needs to adopt a nuanced perspective…consider my earlier post on Following your passion


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