Singaporeans Reading!

Hmmm…all the earlier talk about the end of reading (especially hardcopy books) seems to be greatly exaggerated…

Indeed, the National Arts Council (NAC) ran a survey involving more than a thousand people (citizens and permanent residents) 15 and above which showed otherwise.

Some highlights:

  • Approximately 30% of the sample purchased a minimum of 1 book in the last year (2014).
  • “1 in 4 readers read literary books by Singaporean writers. Around 2 in 5 readers cited lack of awareness of Singapore writers as one of the key reasons for not reading Singapore literature.”
  • 59% read for pleasure and relaxation!
  • 44% read a literary book in the last year (2014).


For more information:

Singaporeans Have an Interest in Literary Books – Inaugural National Literary Reading and Writing Survey 2015 Shows. (11 Mar 2016). Singapore. National Arts Council.

May Seah. (15 Mar 2016).  S’poreans still prefer physical books, survey shows. Singapore. TODAY.


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