More Knee aid : )

Nicholas A. DiNubile. (2010). FrameWork for the Knee : A 6-Step Plan for Preventing Injury and Ending Pain. Rodale.

The author based on research is a top notch and well publicised orthopedic doctor. (See his bio on the Huffington Post). But apart from that, his writing conveys sincerity and professionalism. He and his wife suffers from knee problems themselves. (His being more severe).

Further, in my assessment of medical advice, he does not propose invasive surgical options easily. That is a very good sign. He also says things like:

We need to do better with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery. The ACL re-tear rate of 15 percent is too high for my liking…” (p.54)

He comes recommended by director M. Night Shymalan (director); Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor, bodybuilder, politician); Kenneth H. Cooper, another doctor who likewise has his considerable legacy (such as the Cooper Aerobic Center); and sportpersons.

From what I read, most of it aligns with my earlier research.

So do consider reading it! The self check test confirmed a deficiency in flexibility and core-body strength for me. Dr DiNubile was right in suggesting that I would probably have tight hamstrings for instance; runners tend to get that he wrote. [It appears my Iliotibial Band (see entry from Runner’s World) too is tight]. So I am proceeding to work on that (some of it at least). I have already cut down on my running/jogging – life is still fine in that sense.

For your informed decision making; and do seek qualified medical advice! (Seek a second opinion if you need to!)


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