Dyslexia – Singapore context and guidelines

Approximately 23,000 students in 2016 are challenged by the development difficulty of Dyslexia. (See articles by the Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia.)

The Ministry of Education and the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) have been trying to mitigate difficulties for such students. The latter’s literacy programme involves: ‘phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension‘. There has been increased enrollment for the said programme compared to 2013 by 547 students. This is confirmed by anecdotal evidence from an educator friend.

For educators/specialists, the International Dyslexia Association has a set of documents on Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. The University of Michigan also hosts a site entitled Strategies for Teachers. Some pointers include being explicit/clear in instructions – order work into segments; highlight and define vocabulary before reading texts; promote re-reading of texts; allocate ‘audio recordings for the student to use while reading the text’ – one could read for the student while he or she is visually understanding the text if no recording is available; and inform the student of the reading one week in advance et cetera.


4 thoughts on “Dyslexia – Singapore context and guidelines

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