GCE A Level History – Old and New Syllabus

In spite of my career changes, historical study remains one of my significant interests.

From 2017, the Singaporean syllabus (new code 9752 – Higher 2) undergoes some revision but the topic on Korean War (1950-53) stays put.

For those who are seeking a rather brief overview, the British Broadcasting Corporation usually has many useful pieces. But I recommend the one from George Washington University through the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project. You also can find material from the US State Department on policy recommendation NSC-68.

Finally, one can consider the historical debate on the matter with two reviews by historian William Stueck – one from the Washington Post on Bruce Cumings (another historian) in 2010; and another in 2012 of Shen Zhihua’s translated work on primary documents relating to the Chinese, Soviets and North Koreans on E-International Relations (another useful site!)

Finally, one might need to look at the Chinese perspective as well…

Hope this post presents an adequate starting point for further inquiry!


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