Refrigerator purchases – Buyer’s note

Prepare for a mini-avalanche of information in February 2017!

On 11 January, I was asked to go along to buy the above. A selection of internet sourced research and/or information from sales personnel is found below:

  • consider a fridge (interchangeable with refrigerator) with movable shelves should you want more flexibility
  • temperature controls for different food types (this takes the form of different compartments based one the models I physically viewed)
  • ??? (for verification) freshness features like air purifiers and dual evaporators (where high humidity in frozen section keeps odours away?)
  • Door in door i.e. (assuming a freezer section on top) the lower and usually bigger door has a mini door for you to take out frequently consumed drinks e.g. milk/juices. However, the salesperson advised us that clip that secures the minidoor might spoil. The inferred consequence is the trouble/expense of repair with the preceding leakage of cold air leading to power wastage
  • More energy efficiency ticks might not result in lower overall energy consumption – this is due to the mentality that the fridge saves energy, so subconsciously one might utilise it even more! Thus, consider lower total energy consuming fridges in the first place
  • If durability is the top of your priority list, then consider those with door seals that are mould-resistant and retain suction power to minimise air leakage (which as you have seen helps reduce energy consumption)

Hope this helps you!  : )


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