Hiatus (… and some work tips)

This should not be the end of this blog initiative, well unless I die the next moment and/or the internet/WordPress goes kaput (broken/dead)…

I plan to divert more of my limited time resources to my ongoing novel – The Living Wage, also on WordPress. The outcome would be less time on this site. In terms of research, I shall be applying myself to audio resources from Radio New Zealand, CBC/Radio Canada – to give my eyes more rest. They have many free podcasts for download.

Side/related note:

It is best to step away from the computer screen every 45 minutes. Look at the greenery far away, washing your face with water and dry it, ingest water, do a bit of stretching  – 5 minutes at least; and do relieve your bladder and bowels when needed, not doing so for the sake of replying email or finishing your work is in the long run not worthwhile.

In Crabbe’s book (pg 53), creators of this app called DeskTime cited research suggesting maximal efficiency at a 52:17 minute ratios – 52 work then 17 rest. From experience, observation and feedback, human attention span declines from the 45 minute point. For some, especially in this digital/instant era, it may be shorter.


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