Romeo & Juliet – Helen Street. (2010). Real Reads Ltd.

Selected Vocabulary and modified synonyms/explanations from p.18 – 53: so as to facilitate smooth reading. The book at time of writing is used for Lower Secondary Literature in Singapore.

  • bid – command
  • fleck – splash
  • Titan – a celestial body circling planet Saturn
  • rancour – animosity
  • naught – nothing
  • mortal – deadly (adjective)
  • banish – exile
  • lament – wail
  • lark – bird species; and a term used to describe a ‘morning person’
  • herald – signal (verb)
  • beseech – implore/beg
  • blest – blessed
  • absolve – pardon
  • misadventure – mishap
  • liege – lord (noun)

The brevity of life

We in the (generally) rich and developed state of Singapore are not free from disease and ill health. Consider the following…

Rising Trend of Young Onset Dementia Patients with Substantial Social Challenges and High Economic Burden. (5 Feb 2016). National Neuroscience Institute. Singapore.

The next day.

‘Alarming rise’ in younger dementia patients. (6 Feb 2016). The Straits Times. Singapore.

Once again in 2017.

Young onset dementia on the rise in Singapore at an ‘alarming rate’. (24 Apr 2017). Alzheimer’s Disease Association. Singapore.

The question is though, how can we make fruitful use of our time in these short several score (20) years? Is it not time to focus on the truly important things while we are still able to?

Why I refused to visit my friend…

The message of this post (and an intended post explaining the background story in detail) are:

  • Abstain from going to the hospital when you are ill/unwell
  • Within a healthcare institution environment such as hospitals, observe hand hygiene rules

=> The predominant purpose is to protect patients from further infection.

NAIRU – Economics concept

Interpretation/notes from Economics Demystified, p.59.

The Non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU): “the specific level of unemployment … in an economy that does not cause inflation” to increase (Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate Of Unemployment – NAIRU. No date. Investopedia.)

However, according to Thornton’s book there is no stable/fixed relationship (recall stagflation?) between unemployment and inflation (even though Kiwi economist William Phillips had first suggested an inverse relationship).

Cook on Opportunity Cost

We are the most focused company that I know of or have read of or have any knowledge of. We say no to good ideas every day. We say no to great ideas in order to keep the amount of things we focus on very small in number so that we can put enormous energy behind the ones we do choose.

Apple Chief Operating Officer speaking in 2010 to the Business Insider [Apple COO Tim Cook: ‘We Have No Interest In Being In The TV Market’] Raised earlier on p.95, by Tony Crabbe.

Analysis – Brokers’ Take – 1 Jul 2017


The online version of this news section is shorter slightly shorter than the print version. With the revamped new freesheet – thenewpaper (tnp), this section has an archive of 136 issues (latest: 7 Jul 2017). This was also compiled by Cai Haoxiang, who I believe works for The Business Times (email: The first issue on tnp was “Compiled by Kenneth Lim, The Business Times” – dated 6 Dec 2016.

Their disclaimer [I have put some words in bold type.] – All analyses, recommendations and other information herein are published for general information. Readers should not rely solely on the information published and should seek independent financial advice prior to making any investment decision. The publisher accepts no liability for any loss whatsoever arising from any use of the information published herein.

Focus/Breakdown (with comments in brackets and in bold/italicised):

Keppel REIT (Buy recommendation) – office space REIT

It ended trading at $1.145 per unit (interesting… 3 decimal digits). The forecasted price was $1.23 (Target Price).

  • The REIT is taking a 50% stake (seller recorded as Australian Post) ‘in a premium office tower’ to be built in Australia at 311 Spencer Street, Melbourne.
  • Favourable view towards medium term (how long is this duration?) a distribution per unit (DPU) uptick owing to 30 year lease and (I infer contractually) inherent rental escalations (But what of the Australian taxes?)
  • Predicted immediate/short term DPU ‘dilution’ (decline in unit prices?) and gearing (leveraging) forecasted to rise to 40% which would result in investor ‘pushback’ (what does this mean?)
  • This is surmounted by “…capital values in Singapore should remain steady on the back of recent market transactions and strong interest from investors looking to buy office buildings in Singapore.” (What does ‘capital values’ mean?)
  • Target Price is dependent on Keppel REIT’s Q2 2017 figures
  • The REIT has a 0.8 price to book ratio which to the “brokers” was “attractive”