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Nevertheless, the posts here do not act as substitutes for financial, legal or medical advice from qualified professionals under any jurisdiction. Further, do note that information or analysis may be changed from time to time (as life is dynamic and ever-changing). We accept no liability for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused by relying on any information or hyperlinks from this WordPress site.

Related references

  • Legal advice shall consist of oral advice on legal questions given by the Director or a solicitor whose name is on the appropriate panel of solicitors maintained under section 4 and shall include help in preparing an application for legal aid and in supplying information required in determining the means of the applicant under the Second Schedule but shall not include advice on any law other than the law of Singapore. [Legal Aid and Advice Act (CHAPTER 160). Section 20 (2). Revised 30 Apr 2014. Singapore Statutes Online. Legislation Division of the Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers. Accessed 25 May 2018.]
  • … provision of medical advice is concerned, the Supreme Court of Singapore has, in the landmark decision of Hii Chii Kok v Ooi Peng Jin Lucien London & Anor, instituted what it considers to be a more patient-centric standard of care… a doctor is required to disclose information that the doctor knows is important or would be reasonably relevant and material. Whether the information is important or reasonably relevant and material should be determined from that particular patient’s standpoint. The information in medical advice includes diagnosis, prognosis (both with and without treatment), nature of the proposed treatment, risks and alternatives entailed. A doctor would fall below this standard of care if she possessed information that is important or reasonably relevant and material to the patient, and failed to inform that patient without any legal justifications. [Adapted; words in bold are author’s additions. Calvin W. L. Ho and Peter Loke. An overview of key aspects of Singapore medical law. http://www.bioethicscasebook.sg/backgrounder/an-overview-of-key-aspects-in-singapore-medical-law/. Centre for Biomedical Ethics, National University of Singapore. Accessed 25 May 2018.]

Revised: 25 May 2018


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