Change Management – The most loving place in town: A modern-day parable for the church. Thomas Nelson. (2008).

Unexpectedly, after beyond the various courses I have attended, the point that rings most true is this:

The foremost desire (one bordering on need), for people when meeting with change is information. In other words, what is happening? People very much would like to know what is coming up. (p. 123)

My experience implementing the IT project at work confirms the above.

Next, according to Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges, is how the change would impact those involved. Following this would be an expounding of the action/implementation schedule. Subsequently, one can refer to the advantages of the change.  (You may want to compare what has been prescribed against your experience or education…)

On another note, the book is an example of using fiction/novelisation to bring across and effect real life actions. Although somewhat brief and rather too straightforward, it still reflects depth in thought. More preferred in this genre are the books, Who moved my cheese (Spencer Johnson); and The Goal  (Eliyahu M. Goldratt).  Hope that you too can find joy and solutions from such books!