(Intellectual) Piracy and theft

Comment on letter in Today newspaper (25 Apr 2015) “Equating piracy with theft ineffective” by Heng Cho Choon.

The author does raise some valid points. Piracy differs from stealing in that the owner is not deprived of the asset. On another note, enforcement of piracy can be considered a lost cause. The examples  of a Dutch legal ruling (in favour of file sharing platform Kazaa) and Paulo Coelho’s Russian version of his book ‘The Alchemist’ are supported by a few internet sources.

There a few questions however: how can a ‘fair compensation’ framework be set up for producers of intellectual goods like music? What would it look like?

On a related note, allowing free downloads of your ‘product’ does not necessarily lead to greater sales revenue. Nevertheless, the marketing value is unmistakable. Perhaps it may be useful over the longer term. This though may mean the artiste may need a concurrent source of alternative income to tide over each day…