Improve supervisor/subordinate relations!

John J. Gabarro and John P. Kotter. (2008). Managing your boss. Boston. Harvard Business School Press. (p.44 – 55).

Checklist [Selection/Paraphrased]

  • Understand his/her desired outcomes; push factors and drivers
  • His/her competencies, and areas of neglect/areas constantly unnoticed by him/her: ‘blindspots’
  • Work/Decision making style
    • ‘Listeners’: face to face briefings; ‘Readers’: written document then meeting
    • Active participant versus informing them only on key decisions (ask yourself whether you are deferential or more independent/strong willed; know yourself)
    • Information: openly share positive and negative information [how realistic is this?]; check if your boss knows enough about the issue at hand and provide more where necessary
    • Produce what is promised
    • Clarify mutual expectations
    • Tap on your boss’s time and resources wisely for the highest prioritised tasks/goals